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SoundCloud Downloader is a tool to online download SoundCloud music, tracks, and songs in MP3 or OGG formats. Then use this SoundCloud music downloader to download SoundCloud high-quality mp3 tracks at 128kbps or 320kbps. You can download only those SoundCloud through the SoundCloud Pro plan on SoundCloud platform. Then you need to pay for it. But by using Soundcloud downloader, you can download SoundCloud songs for free.

Soundcloud downloader

How to download from SoundCloud?

Download songs, music, or playlists from Soundcloud. Here are the steps to follow to download music from Soundcloud.

Download SoundCloud songs or music to your PC

  1. Open Soundcloud on your PC browser as Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Look for the songs or music you want to download and copy its browser link.
  3. Go to our Soundcloud music downloader. Then paste the copied link into the input box top of the page and hit the download button.
  4. Now choose the downloading speed and format for the songs from the options.
  5. The download will start automatically on your PC.

Save SoundCloud music to your Phone

  • First, open the Soundcloud app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Choose the song you want to download. Then click the share button and tap the copy link option.
  • Open our Soundcloud music downloader into your mobile browser, paste the copied link into the search bar located on top of the page, and tap on the download button.
  • Click your preferred quality from 128Kbps or 320Kbps.
  • The download will start automatically into your mobile browser when you press it.

SoundCloud Downloader Features

There are many benefits to using SoundCloud to convert SoundCloud to MP3 or OGG. However, below are some of the main benefits.

  • 100% Secure downloading

The Soundcloud Music Downloader is 100% safe. VIDDownloader are using the best security practice and updating them. 

  • No account registration or sign-ups

Our SoundCloud to MP3 downloader does not require account creation, registration, or sign-ups to use our tool. 

  • No software installation is needed.

You can download SoundCloud music without downloading any extra applications or google extensions on your device.

  • Unlimited SoundCloud track download.

We have no limit for using our SoundCloud Music Downloader.

Can I download the SoundCloud playlist?

Yes. You can download the Soundcloud playlist by using our Soundcloud playlist Downloader tool.

Which browser works with this SoundCloud Converter tool?

Our music downloader works on most web browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Is the SoundCloud Music Downloader free?

Yes, 100% Free Tool, We do not charge any fee or require a subscription.

What sound quality is supported by SoundCloud Downloader?

It Depends on the quality is the origin of the file Uploaded.
The track is at 320Kbps quality, then can be downloaded with 320Kbps.

Where is the downloaded song will be saved?

You can find them in the default folder on your desktop. The Phones will usually be in the download folder.

Does SoundCloud MP3 Downloader store records of my downloads?

No, VIDDownloader does not store any of your Data like video, music, or link download history. This helps you download your music or video link for objects saved on the platform servers. Then let’s use it.

YEP, You can legally download soundtracks whose owners have been permitted to download the music from the music SoundCloud site.

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Which platforms does VIDDownloader support?

Convert or download videos and music in MP3 or MP4 from these social network platforms.