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VIDDownloader – Facebook Downloader

Online Facebook downloader will help you download Facebook videos in MP4 format and HD quality for free in 2022.
To download Facebook videos, You can use any device like Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, or Mac. Our online tool works well on both mobile and PC devices.

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How to download Facebook videos?

Download Facebook Video with your PC.

  • Open Facebook on your Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Find the video you want to download, then right-click on the video and choose the video link.
  • Go to our tool with your browser. Then paste the URL into the input box, then click the download button.
  • Select the video format you prefer, SD quality or HD quality, and press on it to start downloading.

Save Video URL with your Phone.

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone, 
  • Choose the video you want to save. Then at the top-right of your screen, tap on The three dots. Then press the copy video link icon.
  • Let’s open our tool with your browser. Then past the link in the input box and hit the download button.
  • See which format and quality you prefer. Then click on it to start the download Facebook video.


What is the Facebook Downloader?

Facebook video downloader allows you to download public Facebook in high-quality MP4 format.

How can I download a Fb video?

Copy the Facebook video’s URL. Then paste the link into our tool input box. Hit the Download button. Once the video is processed, you’ll be able to download the video.

Which Facebook Downloader is best?

VIDDownloader is one of the best Facebook video downloaders.

Is this tool free?

Yes, It’s 100% free. You can use our Tool/web app/website online for free.

How can I download videos from Facebook without an app?

All you need is your internet browser to do it. Open the Facebook you will see the share option just below the video you want to download. Tap on it and copy the video link. Open our tool, paste the link, and hit download.

Can I download live streaming videos from Facebook?

Yes, after it finished streaming and stored on Facebook. Then you can download the live streaming videos.

What devices can use with Facebook Downloader?

VIDDownloader supports downloading Facebook videos on any device or operating system you may be using, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and Macs.

VODDownloader Note:

Please note that the Facebook video must be public for you to download with our tool.

Which platforms does VIDDownloader support?

Convert or download videos and music in MP3 or MP4 from these social network platforms.