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Free Online Video Downloader – VIDDownloader

VIDDownloader is an online video downloader tool used to download high-quality video URLs in MP4 from social media platforms for free.
Online Video Downloader is the best free tool to help you download social media video URLs on your PC or phone.

online video downloader

Any Video Downloader Online

Our web video downloader is 100% free to use. You can download videos from any social media website. We don’t plan to change our minds about charging any subscription to our users in the future.

Free Video Downloader for PC and Phone

You can download popular video and music URLs with our free video downloader tool from more than 45 websites we support. We will add more tools to use in the future.

Secure Video Link Downloader

We secure every single download you are doing through an SSL. We are updating our website with the last security updates.

Website Video Downloader

This tool doesn’t need video downloader app installation or account creation for you to use. What you need is the video URL you want to download.

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Free Video Downloader

Download and convert Video URL

Convert video URLs from more platforms than ever with multiple formats like MP4, WEBM, or M4A formats. Then store the video on your device for later watching.

Video quality

With multiple options, you can download the videos like videos without sound. Also, you can download 4K, Ultra HD, HD, and SD Videos.

Online video downloaders are available now in the market. Some are free, and some are not. Then before choosing your tool, please make sure it meets your needs. Our Social Video Downloader is one of the best ways to download video links from social media platforms. Then you can have the chance to watch it later.

How to download or save videos with a VIDDownloader?

Three steps can follow to save or download videos easily with VIDDownloader.


1- Copy The Video URL.

First, copy your favorite video URL from platforms supported by our website.

2- Paste Your Video Link.

Then paste the copied link to the input box on the top of our page and click the Download button to save the video URL.

3- Download The Video link.

After choosing what you need to download, click on it to save the videos easily to your PC or phone.

The online tool is a URL video downloader; It supports +45 video sites and works on Google ChromeFirefox, Opera, IE, and Safari browsers.

Useful tips before downloading

  • Please don’t start too many downloads at one time so the other downloaders can download their videos too.
  • If you can’t play the video after it gets downloaded, maybe the media player you are using is the response. You can try VLC media players.
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How to bookmark a VIDDownloader for fast access?

bookmark free online video downloader

Until we have our chrome, Firefox extensions and our video downloader app, you can bookmark our online video downloader for easy and fast access to our website.

1- Bookmark on windows 10 or 11

Open the website on any browser and press Ctrl + D To Bookmark the free video downloader website.

2- Bookmark the video downloader on macOS

Go to the website on safari or any other browser on macOS, then press Command + D To Bookmark VIDDownloader.

3- Way to bookmark the online video downloader on Android OS

While downloading your video link, tap the three dots on the address bar, and press the star.

More about our online video downloader

The online web application can help you to save your videos, music, or photos to your device.
You can use our tool with all browsers available in the market. Also available on any device like a phone, tablet, PC, or laptop.
It also can download 4K content if the creators upload the video with that format.
Our 4K video downloader is free and fast to download your preferred content.
While you download will face the choice of downloading a video with sound or a video without sound and only the only sound.
Also, you can use the tool as an online MP4 video converter for all social media platforms.
In other words, our free video downloader is the only quality online downloader you can use to download your videos or music tracks.


What is an online video downloader?

An online video downloader is a free tool that downloads video and music from social media platforms in 4K, HD, and SD qualities on MP4, WEBM, and MP3 formats to your devices.

How to download videos and music links online?

Get the Video or music URL you want to download from any platform we support on our website. Open our Online Video Downloader tool. Then, past the link, you Copied in the URL box. Press the download button, then click your preferred format and quality.

What are the best online tools to download social media videos?

The VIDDownloader website is the best tool for downloading any video URL for free. It is fast and secure. Work on all devices, and you can download multiple video formats and qualities.

What devices VIDDownloader Support for downloading the video URL?

Use your phone or PC to download your video using our tool. Our tool is compatible with all Mobile phones and PCs.

Where are the files stored after finishing the download?

It will be according to where you will store it, but the browser always saves the file in the download folder, whether using a PC or phone.

The videos you download to your device will download from the platform CDN servers.

Supports The Most Popular Sources

You can check regularly updated supported sources list.